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Financial Mangent System

An advanced financial management system for companies such as financial calculation, financial management, open problem management, budget planning, and budget comparison. All functions are equipped with workflows, email notifications, and progress charts, making it easy to identify the current person in charge. Various reports such as monthly data can be saved as a file, and it is a system suitable for corporate management that has a function that makes it easy to manage annual reports in stages.



Loan Management

  • Progress management of uncollected projects
  • Amount management of uncollected projects

Customer Management

  • Check the lack of deficiencies in contract materials for each customer
  • Management of indications to each person in charge

Prediction Management

  • Budget creation, project (sales), personnel plan (labor cost), management by other accounts
  • Import Actual Amount
  • Monthly Comparison
  • Performance report
  • Comparison with the previous year
  • Management by department and group company

Fixed Assets Management

  • Image management of fixed assets
  • Check for advance fixed assets
  • Status management [lost, moved, checked, new]
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Annual financial data management

  • Insufficient management of financial data
  • Previous year history management


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