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System/Server Engineer (Male or Female 1 Post)

Experience 2 year & above
Salary : 500,000Ks ~ 800,000Ks (Depend on experience and skill)

Skill Requirement
- Bachelor Degree, Professional Degree, Diploma in Computer Science/IT or related field.
- Directs the local and remote testing of network equipment, including running computer programs to diagnose faults.
- Coordinates the server and network activities of data processing operations with programming, system analysis, and with users.
- Check the status of mail server and client mail setting for users.
- Upload the real customized project to server and setting (create require environment, email setting and so on...)
- Check computer hardware (HDD, mouse, keyboards etc.) to ensure functionality.
- Install and configure appropriate software and functions according to specifications.
- Good Network and System Troubleshooting Skill.
- Possess knowledge in PHP and MySQL
- Able to adapt to an ever revolving IT environment
- Positive work attitude, able to work independently and in team
- Good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.
- More preferable in Japanese language

Office Support (Female 1 Post)

Skill Requirement
- Can use Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint
- Can speak English Language
- More preferable in Japanese

Programmer (Male or Female 2 Post)

Salary : 350,000Ks ~ 500,000Ks (Depend on experience and skill)

Skill Requirement
- PHP (more prefer in MVC framework)
- HTML, CSS, J-Query, Javascript
- must have teamwork and negotiation skill
- Can work at under pressure
- More preferable in Japanese or English language

Marketing (Male/ Female 2 post)

Experience 1 year & above
Salary : 400,000Ks~500,000Ks (Depend on skill)

Skill Requirement
- Experience in IT software product marketing
- Creativity themes in phamplet design (Prefer)
- Can speak Myanmar Language smooth and fluently for marketing
- Can speak Japanese Language.

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