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Bamawl HR Integrated System

    • Personal Tracking
    • Employee's fraud prevention through finger-printing or face recognition system.
    • Management can make more to employees. (leave, overtime, attendance can request and wait confirm from management level)
    • Fully automated with attendance machine.
    • Attendance & Payroll Management based on working data and conditions.
    • Collecting and managing employee time, date by Calendar.
    • Simply and accurately.
    • Single click salary processing.
    • Automatic Payment can be made at bank.
    • Generate and manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure assigned to the employee.
    • REPORT
    • Built-in compliance related reports & data.
    • Imporve compliance and deal with corporate audit.
    • Customized according to each company.
    • Also available in android app or browsers from IOS.
    • Once employee check-in or out from mobile, system will retrieve his or her location for fraud prevention.
    • Other
    • Available in English and Myanmar Language.
    • All data including personal information will be protected.
    • Customization is possible if there are company-specific rules, special specifications and functions.
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